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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 6, 2015 8:15pm-9:31pm PDT

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out again. we tie the record. >> we'll get four tires on you here. >> rick: so kurt busch will get four tires. would it be an advantage for anyone else to come to pit road now? they were only on pit road four laps ago and only two laps under green. >> steve: i think at this point you're going to stay out. anybody in the top 25, you've worked hard for the track position. inside the fuel window. tires are important but they're not important enough to come this soon. >> rick: running third. and the 78 got in the back of him. >> steve: got in there too deep. 41 lifted too early. you see the brake rotors going on the 78. he misjudged how the 41 was going to slow down.
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>> rick: kyle larson's vantage point. he had to also check up hard on the brakes to avoid running into the back of martin truex jr. carl edwards in the yaris 19 taking the low line to try to clear everyone. a smoke screen put out by the 41 of kurt busch. dave. >> martin truex talking to his crusade i had no idea he was going to slow down that fast. i just ran him over. >> steve: you described that like you've done it. mr. burton. >> rick: difficult racetrack. we talk about the surface being very abrasive. as you mentioned before, you have to brake. you have to work the brakes hard here. >> jeff: the thing that makes
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darlington different is as the run goes, i know he didn't run many laps, the drivers change the entry. they change the speed of where they enter the corner depending on where they want to run. sometimes the guy behind you misjudges. >> rick: back after the break for the restart. keselowski and harvick on the front row. where now you can search with the power of carfax®. just say, "show me cars with no accidents reported." boom! or how about, "show me cars with only one owner." pretty cool! plus, we're the only site where you get a free carfax® report with every car listed. so find the cars you want. avoid the ones you don't start your used car search at howdy, folks, it's me,(laughter)anders. hey! that's not the real colonel sanders! i'm the real colonel sanders! and this is how you sell chicken. howdy, folks! it's me, the real colonel sanders.
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>> rick: welcome back to the bojangles' southern 500, darlington raceway, nascar sprint cup series, just two races remaining before the playoffs. take a look at what just happened. and jeff, you referenced the rotors. we're going to nbc it. close in on the front left tire of martin truex jr. >> jeff: you don't see the brake rotor blowing yet. as he gets closer, you'll start to see it glow. that's the amount of brake pressure he's putting on it
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trying to avoid kurt busch. you don't like to get run over from behind. you know when it wasn't on purpose it matters. it will make him feel better about it. >> rick: dave. >> rodney childers, appears to be going to plan. what is kevin telling you about the car. >> car has been pretty good. we tightened it up too much to start the race. we've had to free it up as the race went on. pretty close right now. he's done a good job all night. hopefully we can see what happens at the end with these cautions. hopefully we have enough tires. >> marty. >> paul wolfe. how has it been for brad? >> lost some position a few runs back. trying to keep up with the track and manage tires. it's been a battle tonight with the cautions. pretty happy with the miller high life ford.
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>> tire management has been mentioned many times. >> rick: our crew chief managed it at the top of the show. important to manage the limited number of tires you have. brad keselowski choosing the inside line for the restart. kevin harvick will start on his outside. carl edwards, great rebound after being two laps down earlier in this race, up to third. martin truex jr. fourth on that high line. fans back on their feet. as we get ready for the restart. green flag back in the air. >> steve: a lot of trouble with the restart. spin of the rear tires. car moving back and forth on the straight away. it gets harder when you don't have stickers. with scuffs it's harder to get the rear tires to make traction. >> rick: martin truex jr. taking third away from carl edwards.
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edwards crossing back over, trying to get the position back. won't be able to do it. keselowski, harvick. truex jr., edwards and logano. here comes the 19 of carl edwards again. trying to take that spot back away from martin truex jr. as far as fuel goes, everyone should be able to make it all the way to the checkered flag. tires, that's another question. the fall-off. we've seen dramatic fall-off after 20 laps, ten miles an hour difference between drivers with fresh tires and those with 20-lap-old tires.
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kevin harvick, right in the tire tracks of brad keselowski for the lead. and now to the inside, trying to take the top spot away. >> steve: hard place to make a pass off turn two. the bottom seems better at this end of the racetrack than three and four the exit is difficult to be on the flatter, lower line. >> rick: how hard does the second driver push the first to try to wear the tires out? >> steve: you push as hard as you can. you try to make the pass like you see harvick doing here, you try to do it. >> rick: got to the inside once again. let keselowski know i'm here. >> steve: we've talked about this all weekend, jeff. three both feel three and four is the harder end of the racetrack to get hold of. it's the most important place to try to win. brad keselowski does a great job
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of at least keeping up with the 4 through that end of the track. kevin harvick seems better at this end. he gains on brad keselowski, especially right through the middle of the corner. where does he go with the run? there is no place for him to pass the 2. >> rick: with the momentum going down the back stretch. the gap between the top two, two car-lengths. >> steve: i can't remember a race, jeff, when no one in the front was in the top at three and four. they're running the middle and bottom of the track. that's not the preferred line. >> rick: kevin harvick tired of being the brides maid. eighth runner up finishes since his last win. ten total this season. with only two wins. he's locked into the chase, but he definitely has been impressive in virtually every race he has run. >> steve: not only does a win punch your ticket to the chase. it also gives you bonus points.
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a couple extra bonus points makes the first three races of the playoffs much easier. it gives you maybe a little bit more room when you show up in chicago, new hampshire, dover, the early races in the playoffs. >> jeff: these drivers have been in these cars for about four hours now. it's been a long race. who can maintain focus, on this tough racetrack, who is the one that physically is ready, mentally is ready? four hours is a long time to be in a race car, especially on this type of racetrack where it's very demanding. >> rick: kevin harvick trying to defend his win from a year ago. brad keselowski trying to grab his first darlington win. brad has won some very iconic races in nascar but has never won at darlington or the southern 500. >> steve: harvick rolls up on keselowski to the middle of the corner but is not able to
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maintain speed the on the exit. harvick is using the corner to gain ground. eventually he'll get door-to-door with keselowski and be able to use speed leaving the corner. >> steve: the longest green flag run we've had tonight is the 44 laps. if this goes green to the finish the final run will be 56 laps. >> jeff: keselowski tried to leave the corner low. is that going to work? harvick got a run. >> good run there. run your race. >> jeff: that's joey meyer, the spotter for brad keselowski. >> rick: kevin harvick. a bobble going through one and two. not able to make the pass! >> jeff: carl gaining ground. here comes carl edwards. >> rick: trying to take second' way from harvick. harvick had the momentum.
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door-to-door with keselowski and couldn't make the pass. he's now able to hang on to second. he will try it again. reel him back in. like trying to land a giant fish. he let him back out. now he's going to bring him back in. >> jeff: brad got away with one. he made a move. it ended up not being good. the 4 of harvick was not able to clear him. brad is again running the bottom. >> rick: way down on the track goes brad keselowski through three and four, giving the momentum back to the 4 of kevin harvick. he has been able to get back to the back bumper. now is there going to be patience played out with 43 laps to go. patience, darlington. go together. >> steve: we haven't seen much patience through the whole night. in the final run to the finish. any opportunity the 4 has he's going to try to take it.
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>> jeff: i believe brad decided to try to take away the line of harvick. he feels if he can run the line it's going to harm harvick more than help brad. i believe that's the strategy. >> rick: the 98 of tj bell. the flagman with the blue, yellow stripe down the middle. that's the move over stripe. letting him know the lap traffic needs to move out of the way of the leaders. kevin harvick continuing to reel in keselowski. we continue nascar non-stop. we spend a lot of time online around here.
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>> rick: gap about the same between brad keselowski and kevin harvick. the bojangles' southern 500 from darlington raceway. the big slide there by brad keselowski. he came out of turn two. kevin harvick still right in his tire tracks. big momentum now coming through three and four. trying to take advantage of it. >> steve: harvick is in the middle better than brad. brad gets into the corner well. been beating harvick off the corner. the last few laps we've seen the two cars starting to get loose. the 19 is making a run. >> rick: here comes carl edwards getting into the mix. >> steve: hard to carry momentum off the bottom of turn two. he timed it where he had a little bit of track to work with. now kevin harvick will make him
8:32 pm
fight for it off turn four. >> rick: carl edwards trying to make a pass. he does coming out of turn four. edwards up to second. now he'll try to reel in the 2 of keselowski. >> go get him. >> jeff: i want old tires, slick. drivers have to be on top of the game. >> steve: all weekend long we've heard, how is your car turned into him telling you how much he loved the package, how hard it was to drive. he is in great physical condition. now it's up to him and kevin harvick to keep the pressure on brad keselowski. we talked about how easy it is to make a mistake. it's much easier to make a mistake when there is pressure out you. >> rick: brad keselowski, carl edwards. edwards won at charlotte. the 600-mile race, which you
8:33 pm
would consider to be the longest in nascar. it is as far as distance. but time-wise this one has become longer. the 600 in may was 4 hours 3 minutes long. we're well over that now. >> jeff: keselowski stretch it out on carl. now carl is starting to run it back one. he's quicker. we have lap traffic coming up. the timing of when you pass somebody, especially in lapped traffic is important. a lapped car can hold you up. >> rick: 31 laps to go. brad keselowski out in front. he was last on pit road on lap 302 for tires. that means there are 34 laps on these tires. they are wearing out. halfway through fuel run. >> steve: carl edwards caught the lapped car at exactly the wrong place. the exit of the corners is not where you want to catch them.
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>> rick: the good green flag run here for brad keselowski. is that going to pay off for him? marty. >> before the race started brad
8:37 pm
keselowski told me he desperately wants to win one of nascar's crowned jewel races. he can change that tonight and take bobby allison's colors to victory lane. speaking of bobby allison, the last time roger penske won at darlington, 1975, bobby allison was in a matador that day. kelli. >> one of the biggest proponents of the aero packages. he loves the way the cars slide around. that with the return of the southern 500 on labor day weekend is like christmas in september. you can bet he smells blood. >> kevin harvick's crew chief said i always watch the southern 500 because it was so cool to see the drivers work so hard to win that race. right now his driver is working very hard. he would love to have a caution. the car is not quite right for harvick. he has sets of tires to use.
8:38 pm
rick. >> rick: here comes the 19 of carl edwards. the gap, we went away, 8/10. the gap now less than 2/10. >> steve: made the two car loose. slowed his momentum down. >> rick: here comes carl edwards. trying to take the lead of the southern 500. he was the leader at the start/finish line. can he hang on to it through one and two. >> jeff: if they come off the corner side by side he might be able to make a run and make it three wide. >> rick: they were side by side. keselowski takes the top spot back. now they're trying to get below the 33 of bliss. keselowski back out front. carl edwards. kevin harvick. hc harvick caught up to the back bumper. can he make the pass for second?
8:39 pm
here comes harvick. down to the bottom of the turn of. >> steve: did the same thing to the 19 that the 19 did to the 2. front bumper to the rear. made him loose. he's going to clear him. >> rick: kevin harvick back to second now. >> jeff: the car from behind could not make the car that's leading -- could not make him loose. this is an advantage to the car in the back in some ways. >> rick: brad keselowski coming up on the slower traffic, will that help out the 4 of harvick as he tries to close the gap up again. 7/10 seconds the difference between the two. joey logano coming into the picture now. he is fighting for the third spot. >> steve: the other big difference.
8:40 pm
the top four and five are not spreading out. they're in the same straightaway. one hard battle for the top two and three and now you have new players involved. >> rick: see sawing back and forth at over 170 miles an hour. >> steve: we're getting ready to get to uncharted territory. nobody knows whose car is the best on this long run because we haven't had one today. >> rick: brad keselowski went by the 48. jimmie johnson putting a lap down. 25 cars on the lead lap. way different than when ned jarrett won the race in '65 and had 14 laps that he was in front of the field when he won the race. >> steve: harvick. when they get to keselowski they haven't been able to clear him. and they lose momentum.
8:41 pm
let's see if harvick can run keselowski down. keselowski has found a little bit of speed here and harvick is not being able to match it. >> rick: a little bit more of a clear track in front of harvick, at least the gap between he and brad keselowski. carl edwards, joey logano, those two tied for the third spot. there is the difference between one and two. >> steve: so much fun to watch. for years the cars look like they've been stuck, not moving around. off both corners, the 2, 4, 19 sideways. you see the drivers working the wheel. nothing comfortable about the top three. they're the race leaders and the cars are this hard to drive. >> jeff: harvick is 1.8 seconds behind keselowski. you see the number getting smaller and smaller. >> rick: that gap, can he close it? in the closing laps. 15 laps to go. for the southern 500.
8:42 pm
brad keselowski has never won this race. kevin harvick won it a year ago. carl edwards also hasn't been to victory lane at darlington. he has finished second here at darlington twice. marty. >> rick, earlier this week brad keselowski told me that, in this rules package, i want to be able to look a fan in the eye and tell them that when i've earned a win or run up front or i've been successful, that i earned it. i worked inside that race car. jeff, this rules pack age has made the drivers work extremely hard. the track is tough and you the package makes the drivers work hard. do you agree? >> jeff: no question. the situation these guys are in, they have to be giving 100%. with this rules package it's easy to overdrive the car. right now is about momentum and pace and rhythm. if you try too hard you're going to hurt yourself and make yourself go slower.
8:43 pm
this is about finesse. that sounds crazy. we have a good old-fashioned saturday and sunday night short-track race. it's about finesse. you cannot overdrive the race cars. >> rick: it's a barn burner. under 13 laps to go. we've got a spin in turn one and two. oh, my goodness. jeff burton in the 23 brings the caution out for a new record. 18th caution. >> steve: the crew chiefs are instantly making adjustments. hopefully they were ahead of the game. put more air in the tires. you know you're running less than ten laps. put a balanced setup in the car for ten laps. you're not worried about a 50-lap run. >> jeff: pressure is on the pit crews. you have to come out in the first two rows. >> rick: 25 cars on the lead lap. all the lead lap cars have their
8:44 pm
first opportunity on pit road. let's look at what happened to jeff burton to bring out the caution. this is the most cautions ever in the southern 500. >> steve: underneath the 48 in the middle of the track. gets loose. we've seen that a bunch today. >> jeff: we talked about the drivers being in the race cars for over four hours. the pit crews have been standing there all day long. they've got to be tired. it's late in the night. a lot of pit stops. who is going to step up? >> rick: we're about to find out who wins the race off of pit road. lead lap cars making their way. single-file onto pit road for the final stop. kelli. >> the first long run of the night carl edwards saying, i am real loose on the long run. can't even remember what to tell you about the short run. he said fun racing off there. they called off the adjustments. they're going with four tires and fuel for the 19. dave. >> kevin harvick needs a little adjustment for a little more
8:45 pm
turn. he said more tires for kevin harvick. marty. >> the pit stop that could decide the southern 500. joey logano said he was loose off the end of the run. an air pressure adjustment. brad keselowski came to pit road with the lead. pulling a little bit of right rear damage off. they put more tape on the grill for the 2 car. >> rick: and what a pit stop for the 19 team. great job by carl edwards. wins the race off of pit road. we'll see how the restart goes. mister greene. mister greene! yeah. you need any help? nnnn nnnn i just want you to know, i think... i think... you're the best ever! yeah. sure. want my coke? it's ok, you can have it.
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8:48 pm
have a great stop. well, the 19 team did exactly that. they watch as their team and driver gets off of pit road first and the celebration begins. kelli. >> certainly cause for celebration here. what do you think carl has here for what could be the last restart? >> i don't know. the yaris toyota, guys knocked it out of the park. joe gibbs racing has been doing a great job. in the right spot. >> two laps down. how could you pull things back together to get back in the fight. >> i can't hear what you're saying. we're going to go fight for a win. >> rick: it gets a little bit loud. i'm sure derek grubs thinking to himself we have a southern 500 to win. >> steve: the 19 has got to launch well. as soon as he accelerates he has to find a way to get the rear tires to grip and not let keselowski and the 2 car enter side by side with him.
8:49 pm
>> rick: eight laps to determine who will win the southern 500. carl edwards on the inside. brad keselowski on the outside. fans will be on their feet for the final eight. green flag back in the air! they fan out three wide. trying to make a pass on the inside. denny hamlin makes a move. hamlin aggressive on the restart. he'll take second away from keselowski. throw wide behind them. keselowski back to third. side by side for fourth. carl edwards has to hit every mark, get into a rhythm, seven laps to go. joey logano trying to stay in front of kevin harvick. harvick, was so close to front. now he's got to find his way
8:50 pm
back. >> six to go. >> rick: carl edwards, six laps away from the southern 500 win. denny hamlin, .4 seconds behind him. >> steve: talked about managing tires, managing the race. here we are coming with five laps to go. short run on the tires. it's all about who has the fastest car and does the best job of limiting mistakes. denny hamlin is trying to push carl edwards, force him into a mistake. >> rick: carl edwards continuing to run his line. no traffic in front of him. no one to disturb him up front.
8:51 pm
he's got to keep his eye on his mirror, though, as denny hamlin, with just four laps to go, trying to reel him in. >> jeff: don't look at the mirror. pay attention to what's in the front windshield. let your spotter tell you who is gaining ground. focus on what's in front of you. >> rick: edwards that time by was the fastest lap. >> steve: nothing is a given here, rick. the laps are so hard to run. the guys make it look easy. the opportunity for a mistake exists at each corner. three to go. six good corners that carl edwards has to put together. >> rick: three laps remaining. >> steve: what a confidence builder for the 19 car. for the pit crew to step up and have that pit stop late into the race. >> rick: the gap getting wider
8:52 pm
between one and two. carl edwards putting distance between himself and denny hamlin. this time by, two laps to go in darlington. carl edwards, high on the racetrack. trying to keep the momentum up. down the back stretch he goes. >> steve: wants to see the white flag, rick. he knows once he sees the white even a yellow will end it. >> rick: through three and four. the white flag is out. one more time at darlington. carl edwards, earlier this year, won at charlotte in a 600-mile race, and now the longest race of the year time-wise, down the back stretch for the final time. carl edwards, as he comes
8:53 pm
through three and four, he'll see the checkered flag. he'll add his name to the legends that have won at darlington! carl edwards wins the southern 500. >> awesome! way to go team. woo! >> awesome job. darlington there, boys. southern 500 winners! >> yeah. it's over. >> won the southern 500. that's as good as it gets right there. way to dig. so proud of you guys! >> rick: carl edwards driving for joe gibbs racing. they have been dominant. seven of the last ten races they've won. pole for the last five. five of the last seven races.
8:54 pm
carl edwards, his signature after winning, heill do a back flip right off of the driver's side window. right at the start/finish line. the history of this place, thick. his crew knows. they'll give him room. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: i get nervous every time i see it. >> rick: used to drive for jack roush. jack got a little nervous because he slipped one time and he said, carl, from hear on out i want you to do that into the grass. >> steve: with the performance he put on tonight, recovering
8:55 pm
from two laps down, the entire team, great pit stop at the punish to give him the track position he needed. just a great example. the southern 500 is a great example of how much of a team sport nascar is from the car to the driver to the equipment to the pit stops. >> jeff: never quit. just got to keep fighting. the strategy earlier in the race didn't work out. two laps down. just kept fighting. kept going. kept digging. southern 500 win. >> rick: and carl edwards, one of the biggest proponents for the race package that was in the cars. both at kentucky and here at darlington. less downforce, a softer tire, with the tires would wear, putting more of the racing back into the driver's hands. and he took care of it.
8:56 pm
put it in his own hands after his team was able to get him out front in an incredible pit stop. held off the competition. brad keselowski, he led 196 laps. but the most important lap led was the last one and that was carl edwards, getting the win. we'll see you in victory lane when we return. i used to be a subway meatball guy, but now i love sweet onion chicken teriyaki, too. >>ah, that's always been my favorite... i like red onions on mine. >>yeah put extra onions on mine >>no onions for me, boys... too strong for my tastes... i'm a green pepper man. showoff... carl edwards is training hard on his new team, joe gibbs racing. fueled by his favorite, the subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki, with premium cut all white meat chicken strips, made the way carl likes - with fresh spinach and black olives. >>i always thought you were a meatball. what do you mean by that, carl? sprint asks, what makes awe need 4 and data. how about 4 lines with 10 gigs
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>> rick: the smoke is still in the air from the burnout. we saw out of carl edwards. celebrating his first-ever southern 500 from darlington raceway. he's making his way to victory lane. the victory lap post-race show getting ready. that will be on nbcsn right after we see our victory celebration. what an incredible race carl edwards ran. the ups and downs of darlington. carl edwards stays out on lap 61 caution. after that we were wondering how bad he would fall back with old tires. well, he fell way back. >> steve: he lost his track position. they battled back and got the laps back. when it mattered in the short run, the pit crew gave him his
8:59 pm
position back for the sprint to the finish. >> jeff: great job on the restart holding keselowski off. able to enter turn one in the position he needed and won the race. >> rick: and, a perfect back flip. i would score him at a 10. two wins on the season for carl edwards and momentum going into the playoffs. carrying that momentum all the way in to victory lane at darlington raceway. the oldest speedway in nascar. been racing here for 65 years. oh, look at this! the team, it's no longer darlington. it's now carlington for carl edwards. that is brilliant. and that team now is in victory
9:00 pm
lane celebrating with carl edwards. kelli. >> he won the coke 600 earlier this year. and now carl edwards adds the southern 500 to this list of wins in 2015 from a miscue and flat tire earlier in the race, two laps down and the brilliant stop at the end. how did your team get you back in the race to put up a fight at the end? >> our guys never quit. they're working so fared. i cannot thank arris enough. they're here. 75th cup win for toyota. we started this fourth team. they all believed in us. stanley, subway. comcast business, xfinity. all the fans and sprint. jeff burton, the first time i came here we sat and watched tape at the office. darren did a great job tonight.
9:01 pm
>> i said you won the coke 600. this was actually longer than that. you were a huge advocate for the aero kit. how much did you like it? >> i loved it. this is as good as it gets. all the sports folks were there off turn two. this is what it's about. sliding cars, the tires are falling off. this is the style of racing that i love. if there is any chance we could run this in the chase, i hope we can do it. awesome day. thank you, joe gibbs. >> as you make your may to victory lane, carl, they change here. he's getting a hug from coach. ey changed the name from darlington for carlington. >> we made it carlington for a couple moments. this is huge. >> he called it christmas in september. santa was good to carl edwards. rick. >> rick: what an incredible weekend it has been. it's officially labor day here on the east coast. next week nascar is live from richmond on nbcsn.
9:02 pm
saturday sprint cup series racing presented by smithfield foods coverage at 5:00 p.m. eastern. friday night xfinity racing 7:00 p.m. eastern and carl edwards will be a part of the broadcast team. coming up next on nbc. late local news except on the west coast. for all the highlights and news from the weekend. "nascar victory lap" next on nbcsn. plenty of post race interviews with krista, kyle and dj. carl edwards, southern 500 winner. a mystery man caught on camera,
9:03 pm
9:04 pm
hitting a car with a bike lock. how police say they >> right now on nbc bay area news, a mystery man hitting a car with a bike lock. how police tracked him down and the stiff punishment he faces. then -- >> i don't want to know what it feels like to get shot. >> held hostage in a game stop, but the crime spree didn't end there. live in morgan hill, how the crime spree came to an end. nearly an entire day later. >> a bay area man killed in a southern california boat crash. the chaotic scene rescuers face
9:05 pm
as they moved in to save other lives. thanks for joining us on this special edition. we are following a developing story in southern california with ties to the bay area. michael harris has died following a serious boat crash that happened early this morning around 1:30 near catalina island. one person is still missing. kristi smith has more on what happened. kristi? >> reporter: the family of michael harris is grieving and i spoke with an uncle by phone who said it was horrific and unbelievable. authorities have not identified the man, but they said michael harris died earlier today. harris lives in san francisco and he is positive and caring and he attended the university
9:06 pm
of san diego and santa clara university and received a masters in psychologist and working on his licensing. his father is the former president and ceo of the 49ers over a decade ago. the boating accident, two small boats collided. a dinghy. he was one of the five people in the smaller boat. he was looking for one missing person. his uncle shares the thoughts about michael. >> he was a positive upbeat, caring, find and warm loving friend, son, boyfriend, nephew. he was a great guy. this was true about this young
9:07 pm
man. >> the investigation is ongoing. he was focusing on young pple and he enjoyed sports and bay area sports teams. family from the bay area is now down in southern california. live from the san francisco nation, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new details about a confrontation in the critical mass event. this man caught on camera hitting a car with a bike lock is charged with several felonies. the suspect is ian. officers on patrol spotted him and decided to detain him for a confrontation between a driver and bike riders. he is the man in the video with the bike looks. he is facing charges including false imprisonment, vandalism
9:08 pm
and insighting a riot. a nearly day long standoff in morgan hill is over. one robber is behind bars and police are on the look out for the other. you are looking at the moment after the standoff ended. it all started yesterday when two men robbed a video game store. live at the apartment complex in morgan hill where one man surrenders. do police think the men may be linked to other robberies in the bay? >> reporter: they do. they think it may be linked to as many as six robberies in the south bay. it ended yesterday and this was after 20 hours. the suspect lived in one of these complexes and even though they have a s.w.a.t. team and tear gas, the gunman finally surrendered. morgan hill police say the two men robbed this game stop store
9:09 pm
yesterday morning around 10:00. when this customer and her boyfriend arrived, the two gunmen were already there. they said get in the back, get in the back. >> she headed to the back storeroom. >> there was a mom and a kid and a worker tied up. i said i don't want to go in there. >> they stole customers's cell phones and wallets and took several game consoles and cash and took off. that's when one suspect ended up here at the apartments with a 30-year-old. a standoff with morgan hill police began with the suspect using a crawlspace to reach other units. >> they had the guy hiding out in the apartment complex in my apartment. that was scary. knowing that he was in there and my kid's room and my bedroom and very unsettling. >> residents were forced to evacuate and spend the night
9:10 pm
elsewhere. they were allowed to return later today when the suspect surrendered. police are still looking for the second gunman. they believe the two may have been involved in other robberies including one at a 711 on west main street world trade center and a food mart in campbell tuesday night. and they may be linked to others in san jose. after the 20-hour standoff, no one was hurt. reporting live, nbc bay area news. they are putting up a $20,000 reward to find her killer. she was shot after getting into
9:11 pm
her car. the new facebook page is asking for any information that may lead to an arrest. >> she was on her way to a bright future in health care and follow in my footsteps and go to nursing school. just a good hearted person that did not deserve this. >> officials say the suspect in the slaying was described as a tall skinny man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and the suspect was seen entering a blue or silver sedan that flooded the area south immediately after that shooting. happening now, bart remains closed for repairs, but the work is on schedule. no bart trains are traveling across the bay this entire weekend. instead riders are being bussed across the bay bridge. a live look at the sdprask it
9:12 pm
has been bart trains will be back on schedule tuesday morning. >> big waves and strong rip currents is what you may be faced with. there is a warning out from so foama to monterey. >> it is dangerous watching the kits and you watch theirs and yours. >> large shore breaks continue tomorrow. the waves are not the only thing to worry about. a heat wave is on the way and that means a danger for wildfires will increase.
9:13 pm
an explosion on the water and the burning boat made it to safety. plus -- >> everything that happened over the past 7 months. the san mateo native breaks his silent about the scandal that almost cost him the start of the season. his thoughts on deflate gate. stay with us. two fish and wildlife workers
9:14 pm
9:15 pm
are recovering today after this - a boat explosion off the coast o take a look at the video. two fish and wildlife officers were covering this boat explosion off the coast of santa cruz. the workers were out on the water yesterday checking on several fishing boats when the explosion happened. a good samaritan was able to rescue the department of fish and wildlife workers and they were taken to the hospital.
9:16 pm
they are looking into what caused the boat to explode. new video now. a car crash with a small brush fire on 880 near fremont. the car ran off the road and crashed into the ditch. the driver left the scene and picked up that person not far from the crash site about a half hour later. >> the suspension was overturned by a judge and the scandal began eight months ago. he was allegedly involved in a experience to deliberately under inflate footballs before the championship game. today he is thanking the people who stood behind him. >> everyone deals with things differently and i skelt with them the best way i know how.
9:17 pm
with family and friends and organizations. just like the player in the locker room. >> it will appeal the ruling in the case, but rob is standing by with a look at that microclimate forecast. >> it is warm out there and with that in mind, we have the beach hazards alert for 5 to almost nine feet at times. the fire danger increasing and low humidity levels inland and set to climb with near 100 degree temperatures on the way.
9:18 pm
livermore is 78 degrees and 71 there in san jose. here we go with the wind direction. instead of being the more typical sea breeze tomorrow, the winds are pointing offshore and as the air is pushed down towards sea level, the seven-day forecast, we will probably see it for the better part of the week. patchy coastal dog you, but temperatures are climbing quickly. a nice start and cool in the inner valleys. watch how quickly they warm around noon tomorrow. upper 70s to low 80s. temperatures from the mid-and upper 80s. you can see los gatos to climb into the mid 90s. the forecast for tomorrow, close
9:19 pm
to 90. towards the north bay low 90s and the trivalley mid- to upper 90s for tomorrow. the mornings feel like fall with the cool dry air in place towards the afternoon. what we had for the next to days is hot weather locked in boy a super sized ridge of high pressure building in today. it will continue into monday and tuesday and especially for the second half of the week, wednesday to friday, likely to see the hottest temperatures around the bay area. for the interior valleys, san jose is treadly climbing from about 90 to 95 through friday. the trivalley here to the south. close to 100 degrees for wednesday and thursday and friday. livermore's temperatures above 100 degrees into wednesday and thursday. san francisco too temperatures in the 70s and 80s through friday. >> thank you. stay with us. mind fre comcast sportsnet will
9:20 pm
be back with sports after the break.
9:21 pm
my name is phil zietlow, and i've been an engineer on the cheerios team for 51 years. about five years ago, i found out that if my daughter-in-law, joyce, eats anything with gluten in it she feels pretty darn terrible. so my team and i came up with a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now joyce and i can have cheerios together anytime we want. and if you love someone with celiac, or gluten sensitivity, you can too.
9:22 pm
are 8 games back for the second wild card. they'll need to win the majority of their 25 games to have any chance of making the playoffs. the giants chances may be slim but today in colorado they moved in the right direction. take vo giants-rockies s-f >> the giants chances are slim. the final game in a four-game set between the giants and the rockies are going through that and buster posey making personal history. they won 100 career home runs. it has been a while. the last time he hit a home run, august 3rd. that tied it up at two. no home runs, but he gets to buy a brand-new. bases loaded for brandon crawford. he cranked this one. it's the first two rbis with the
9:23 pm
lineup on friday. the giants flex a little bit of offensive muscle. that's before the final. >> they gave us what we needed. they use the bull pen like we wanted. they were all flawless. a good bounce back for us. it's the first two here and in l.a. two games here in the ballpark. they did well. >> the dodgers unfortunately not able to gain any ground. more painful was the vote. he took a foul tip to the ground and had to be take tone the hospital. it's certainly scary. >> i don't know ever wants to see that. thank you so much. let's get a final check of the
9:24 pm
forecast. >> the morning is not too bad and in the 50s and low 60s. in the afternoon tomorrow, mid- to upper 90s. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. see you back here at 11:00. i'll share some of my favorite places in the golden gate national recreation area, and show you fun ways you can help care for our backyard national park. we'll get up in the sky to hike new sections of the bay area ridge trail, and meet up with photographers who share their love of nature and their secrets for making great pictures. [music] [music]
9:25 pm
milton chen: you know, here in san francisco, we live in a national park. and this is a gift to our democracy. in many other countries, this would be a palatial expanse for the king or the emperor. laurie wayburn: this park is an uncommon common good. ira hirschfield: what i love is that it's 100 different things to very different people. ashley tolliver: i went from not knowing it existed to, like, falling in love with it. amy meyer: all of this is the commons. it belongs to everybody. greg moore: it's become maybe people's favorite big backyard. doug: and what a backyard it is. the golden gate national recreation area covers 80,000 diverse acres in 3 counties, from tomales bay in the north to the san mateo coast in the south.
9:26 pm
it's america's most visited national park malcolm margolin: there's so many different spots of beauty. there are redwood forests, and coastal scrubs, and oak woodlands, and beaches, and bays, and some shorelines. doug: well, quite a few of us have our own favorite spots inside this backyard national park, and i'll share a few of mine in just a little bit. but most people don't really have a sense of the park as a whole or know the story about how it was created. this great public treasure, here for all of us to enjoy and for all time, isn't here by accident. doug: it all started in 1908. congressman william kent donated this grove of ancient redwoods in marin county and named it in honor of his friend john muir. in the decades following, while the bay area's population exploded, prime real estate remained off-limits to developers.
9:27 pm
controlled by the military. and the marin headlands were but when our security no longer depended on them, the military moved out. the most valuable real estate in the bay area was suddenly up for grabs and developers pounced. a well-funded corporate plan to build a city in the marin headlands for 30,000 people was on the drawing boards. but citizen opposition began to build. with sheer determination and a little luck, the headlands development plan was defeated. amy: that's where the park began. i mean, the people got very excited about the idea of preserving the golden gate. doug: the idea of creating a national park in and around san francisco began to take hold. dr. edgar wayburn, a physician and president of the sierra club, had a vision of creating a tapestry of parklands that would extend from san francisco to the door of point reyes.
9:28 pm
amy: i've never known a place that people want to defend as hard as they seem to want to defend this one. doug: with the help of a san francisco artist, amy meyer, and a small group of citizens who shared the vision, the movement grew. nancy pelosi: they saw beyond the years. they saw the threat of development to this area and they knew that action had to be taken. doug: citizen activists were pushing the movement forward, but they needed political help to make the park a reality. well, that's when this man stepped forward and took charge. without the late congressman phil burton, there simply would not be a golden gate national park. doug: phil burton was a powerful democratic politician, opinionated, shrewd, and dedicated to the common good. he convinced san francisco republican congressman william mailliard to support the idea, and twisted enough arms to pass the legislation. it was signed into law by president richard nixon in 1972.
9:29 pm
golden gate became one of the first two national parks in an urban area. nancy: it says to me, more than almost anything, you can make a difference. ed wayburn, amy meyer, phil burton, they made a difference. they preserved nature that could have slipped away so easily, and people might not have ever realized what the possibilities were. doug: and because of their efforts, and those of many others who have guided and nurtured the parks over the past 4 decades, these beautiful possibilities are still here for the benefit of all of us. i've had the joy of getting to know the golden gate national recreation area very well over the years, and have liked every single square foot i've had the chance to explore. and while i recommend it all enthusiastically, here are just a few of my favorite spots, starting right where i'm standing
9:30 pm
in the marin headlands. doug: kirby cove may be the most magical urban campground anywhere on earth, a peaceful natural sanctuary with billion-dollar views. the headlands has many reminders of its long military history for us to see and reflect upon, including a fully-restored nike missile site that interprets a time not long ago, when missiles were poised here to be launched in case of nuclear attack from the soviet union. and not far away is another old missile site that's become a symbol of care and compassion, not war. the marine mammal center is a state of the art hospital for marine mammals in need, and an extraordinary classroom for all of us to learn about our charismatic coastal neighbors. across the golden gate, lands end on the northwest tip of san francisco features the ghostly remains of the sutro baths.


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